DNW-HST: High Speed wind Tunnel


Closed circuit, variable density, continuous wind tunnel with slotted top and bottom test section walls (12% open). 2.0 m wide by 1.6 m or 1.8 m height, Laval nozzle for supersonic operation

Main technical characteristics

• Reynolds no. maximum in [10^6 m/m]: 9
• Configuration studies, database creation (civil and military transport aircraft, fighters, spacecraft)
• Engine integration studies by means of Turbofan Propulsion Simulators (TPS) for air turbines or propellers
• Air exhaust simulation with compressed air
• Internal and external air intake surveys
• Compressed air supply with a capacity of 8 kg/s continuously at 40 bar
• Remotely controlled y-z traversing system
• Inlet test rig
• Forced oscillation
• Permanently installed seeding rack for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

Operational Capacity

8 – 16 hours (single, extended or double shift), 5 days

Contact Information
Amsterdam (Netherlands)