DNW-LST: Low Speed wind Tunnel DNW-TWG: Transsonischer Windkanal Gottingen


Closed circuit, continuous, sub-, trans- and supersonic wind tunnel with three exchangeable test sections. 1 m x 1 m with adaptive walls
1 m x 1 m with perforated walls
1 m x 1 m with flexible Laval nozzle

0.3 < Ma < 2.2

Main technical characteristics

• Reynolds no. maximum in [10^6 m/m]: 1.8.
• 2D airfoil tests with flow control devices (e.g. vortex generators, suction, blowing, ventilation, trailing edge devices, MEMs), helicopter blades
• Air intake surveys for fighters and missiles
• Dynamic tests: free and forced pitch oscillation of dynamically scaled flexible 2D and half-models; flutter and limit cycle oscillation; dynamically linked substructures (nacelle, flap); forced and free-to-roll maneuvers
• Air data system and probe calibration
• Vacuum system
• Pressurized air supply
• Adaptive test section
• Forced oscillation

Operational Capacity

8 hours (single shift), 5 days

Contact Information
Göttingen (Germany)