Test Facility for Constructions and Materials


Test Facility for Constructions and Materials with static + fatigue + damage + non-destrictive tests.

Main technical characteristics

Type of structure test Static, fatigue and damage tolerance testing according to international standards or customer specifications.
Certification testing.
Failure analyses.
Environmental testing: High/low temperature, humidity, salt spray, decompression, altitude and waterproofness testing.
Non destructive inspection.
Maximum specimen size –
Stimulus characteristics Static + fatigue + damage + non-destrictive tests.
Measurement instruments3 Measuring, control and calibration: Calibration of test machines or equipment, measuring and control technology.
StrucT –
Kind of production technology <
Production unit specs <
Steering unit specs <
Maximum part size of products <
Measurement instruments4 <
Comment StrucP <

Contact Information
Lelystad (Netherlands)