The European aviation industry has gone through an extensive process of integration. At the same time, the air transport sector has undergone integration into multinational mega-carriers, while regulation is now a European responsibility. Closer European cooperation is also being established in the area of security and defence. All of these developments have created the current environment for the EREA research organisations, which were originally founded to meet national requirements. The change of focus from national to European clients has driven further cooperation among European research establishments.

EREA was founded in 1994 to tackle the European challenges that national research establishments began to face.


Joint Position Paper

Union of European REs (Research Establishments)

AEREA creation
AEREA creation

The Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics (AEREA) was created

FS created

The EREA Future Sky initiative is created. Visit Future Sky website.

EREA TRIG created

Technology and Research Infrastructures Group (TRIG) is created

EREA DRG created

Defence Research Group (DRG) is created