EREA Technology and Research Infrastructures Group


Acting as a single co-ordination body, has the aim to initiate, co-ordinate, implement and monitor joint initiatives related to Research Infrastructures, and to provide support to the EREA Board and other EREA committees and bodies to define strategic programs and initiatives related to RIs.

EREA Technology and Research Infrastructures Group Terms of Reference


Elaborate position papers on EREA RI future needs, with a focus on a European collaborative approach, both covering technical & financial aspects.
Analyse the impact of a changing environment related to RIs addressing political, strategic and long-term issues.
Keep close contact with other parties (EC, ACARE, etc), addressing funding opportunities to build/update/maintain/operate RIs.
Ensure proper participation of EREA members in ACARE WG5 related to research and test infrastructures.
Promote the exchange of best practices about RIs operation, funding schemes and business models.
Create and maintain an EREA catalogue of relevant RIs.
Promote joint projects (with a participation of all or several EREA members and involving other stakeholders such as universities and industries) which may be submitted to Calls for proposals and monitor the related resulting developments.
Provide a coordinated input for ACARE working groups and EU support actions.
Coordinate current activities on RIs and liaise with other EREA committees (FS Board, with participation at FS Board when judged necessary by FS Board or RIG) and bodies (i.e.: ESFRI)

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