An endless stream of goods and people crisscrosses Europe every day. Mobility is becoming increasingly important – on the ground, but certainly also in the air. But how can Europe prevent its airports and skies from becoming congested? How can we maintain the mobility of air traffic in the face of growing demand for air transport? And how can we ensure that our mainports and the surrounding areas remain accessible and retain their status as key international transport hubs?

Air transport doesn’t stop at our boarders and deserve therefore an European approach. So it is essential to reach agreements at the European level and participate in projects that facilitate the flow of international air traffic.  Several European projects focus on logistics and planning methods that facilitate the flow of passengers and freight. Or on research how to increase the number of flights without exceeding legislated environmental constraints.

Research is also conducted on logistics and planning that improve the flow of passengers and goods – by arranging check-in and check-out more efficiently; by applying new security technology and procedures; by better coordinating airport processes such as catering, cleaning, and air traffic control and by finding ways for aircraft to take off and land parallel to one another or at shorter intervals.