Before introducing a new aircraft into commercial service, a manufacturer must get certification that an aircraft meets safety standards.  Certification requires prior examination of the aircraft design production quality and airworthiness and compliance with safety requirements.

In his role of satisfying the demands of companies and organizations that request such services, EREA gives support to the certification authorities, acting in some cases as the appointed authority to carry out, manage and control phases of an aircraft certification plan.  It guides the aerospace industry with respect to certification in highly technical fields such as: aircraft design, structures, avionics; power plants; equipment; electrical and mechanical systems; and engineering flight tests.

The capabilities, related to aircraft certification are, depending on the mandate assigned to each of the Research Establishments in EREA: Certification of new designs for approval of changes, issuance of Technical Certificates after the pertinent certification tests have been completed, issuance of Airworthiness Certificates required for experimentation, certification of on board equipment, control and analysis of documentation, management of the land and in flight trials and determination of the in flight security conditions and the limitations of airworthiness.