The field of flight mechanics deals with the study of an aircraft in motion.

Starting from aerodynamics and weight analysis, it allows us to calculate the aircraft’s performance, natural modes of motion and handling properties.

Such analysis frequently assumes that the aircraft is a rigid body, but its own elasticity may also be accounted for, leading to investigation of the aero-elastic behavior of the aircraft.

Analytical and numerical tools are frequently used as the basis for flight mechanics studies. Moreover, experiments using wind tunnels and simulators are also frequently performed. Such investigations frequently culminate in the flight-testing of dynamically similar free-flying models, or of full-scale aircraft.

The results of flight mechanics research is of great importance for flight safety. Such studies are therefore performed at all technological levels, starting from fundamental scientific research, through the development of control laws, all the way to certification testing.

EREA members possess extensive experience in performing flight mechanics research, with all the tools and at all the levels mentioned above.