3m Low-Speed Wind Tunnel


Measurement of aerodynamic characteristics of 2D airfoils, 3D models (scale models of aircraft, cars, trains and other transport vehicles, their parts, etc.), full scale measurement of device/equipment which is exposed to wind such as aerials, radars, etc. Force measurement by means of internal and external multi-component strain-gauge balance. Pressure distribution measurement on model surfaces with pressure probes, thermo-cameras, etc.. Calibration and measurement of probes and their characteristics (static pressure and total pressure probes, directional probes, etc.). Flow trajectory visualization and evaluation (PIV, helium bubbles, smoke, etc.), visual recordings with high-speed cameras. Use of equipment for earth surface simulation, model manipulators, etc.. Flow velocity measurement with hot wire anemometers, PIV

Main technical characteristics

Reynolds number
Mach number or maximum velocity 80m/s with cooling, 90 m/s without cooling
Maximum mass flow
Maximum temperature/ pressure
Duct diameter/ test section dimensions (diameter or height/ width)
Measurement instruments
Maximum rotating speed 

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