ACT_FHS Experimentals incl. Ground Station (belongs to Helicopter Eurocopter EC135)


Research Helicopter

Main technical characteristics

Type of flight vehicle Helicopter
Main features Flying Testbed for Helicopter Hardware and Software Modifications. (A really flying machine!) -> Flying Helicopter Simulator equipped with an Active Control Technology (ACT/FHS) – here: the on-board-experimentals incl. a ground station.
Control system Fly-by-light flight controls free configurable (experimental flight controls). Testplatform for research with HMD’s, side-sticks and avionic-systems.
Full authority, quadruplex fly-by-wire/light control system with smart actuators and a simplex experimental system. It completely replaces the original flight control system and provides a high degree of flexibility.
Maximum altitude ?
Measurement instruments5 The experimental system accesses the following sensors of the basic helicopter:
– 2 attitude and heading reference systems,
– 2 air data systems
– Central panel display system with access to 2 full authority digital engine controls (and other data),
– Radar altimeter.
The experimental system contains the following additional sensors:
– Inertial navigation system,
– Differential and satellite augmented global positioning systems,
– Noseboom air data sensors,
– Accelerometers,
– Main rotor and tail boom load monitor,
– Collision avoidance sensor,
– Obstacle and terrain sensors with laser radar, microwave radar, normal camera and infrared camera
Comment F / T Flying Helicopter Simulator (here: the experimental systems and the ground station)

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