Application Center MRO


The Application Center MRO serves as a research and development platform to validate new technologies for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) in the operational life-cycle of technical assets.

Current research topics are developed, demonstrated and evaluated in close collaboration with

partners in the industrial and scientific sectors. The most prominent technologies from different fields (see main technical characteristics) form the Application Center’s key components. An open-space laboratory area is available to pair up existing systems from different fields with experimental setups, as required.

Main technical characteristics
  • AR/VR equipment (e.g. Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive Pro)
  • 3D scanners (e.g. Leica RTC360, Artec Eva & Spider)
  • 3D tracking system (marker-based ceiling-mounted and mobile systems, markerless system)
  • Robotics (UR 10e, platform MiR100)
  • Vision system (e.g. Roboception 160c, smart cameras, time of flight)
  • Drones (e.g. DJI M300, PM Q-685 Quadcopter, PM X6 Hexacopter)
  • Inspection systems (e.g. video endoscope, ultrasound, thermography, noise inspector)
  • Sensor technology (e.g. laser triangulation, LiDAR)
  • Data acquisition (e.g. NI PXI, Zodiac flight data)
  • Electronics work area with advanced soldering equipment, high-precision measurement hardware etc.
  • Compact workshop with standard tools and machines as well as a 3D printer
Contact Information
Hamburg (Germany)