DNW-LLF (Large Low-Speed Facility)


Continuous low-speed wind tunnel, closed circuit, atmospheric, with one closed wall and one configurable (slotted) wall test section, a 3/4 open test section and an open jet.

Main technical characteristics

Low-speed wind tunnel (with moving belt ground plane for ground simulation); for propulsion integration, an engine simulator calibration facility is available on site.

  • Reynolds no. maximum in [10^6 m/m]: 6
  • Configuration studies, database creation (civil and military transport aircraft, fighters, helicopters, spacecraft, cars and trucks)
  • Engine integration studies (turbofan/turboprop) with air-powered simulators
  • Air exhaust simulation with compressed air
  • Air intake surveys for fighters and helicopters
  • Aeroacoustic testing on full-scale aircraft components (landing gears, wings)
  • Full-scale cars and trucks (drag and aeroacoustics)
  • Low noise facility. Compressed air supply with a capacity of 5 kg/s continuously at 80 bar
  • Remotely controlled y-z traversing system
  • Turbulence level: 0.02 – 0.04%
  • Flow angularity < 0.1 degree
  • Vacuum system
  • Moving belt ground plane for ground simulation (upto 80 m/sec)

Background noise level < 65dB EPNL (mid frequency range).

Operational Capacity

Mach / Maximum Velocity: 152 m/s (62, 80, 116, 152 m/s)
Maximum Mass Flow: 5 kg/s (continuously at 80 bar by auxiliary compressed air supply)
Maximum Temperature & Preassure: Max. 80 bar (also: vacuum system)
Duct Diameter / Test Section Dimensions: 36 – 90 m2 (9,5 x 9,5m / 8 x 6m / 6 x 6m)

Contact Information
Marknesse (Netherlands)