DNW-NWB (Low-Speed Wind Tunnel)


Industrial wind tunnel for the low-speed domain with cutting edge technology and with capabilities for dynamic testing;

Typical tests:
– Database creation and configuration studies for aircraft, cars and trucks
– Engine integration
– Dynamic testing
– Air intake tests
– Air exhaust simulation
– Aeroacoustic investigations with microphone array techniques

Main technical characteristics

Auxiliary systems

– Compressed air supply: reciprocating compressor, screw compressors, with 2 kg/s with 30 bar for TPS tests, or combinations like 9 bar with 3.5 kg/sec, 3.5 bar with 5 kg/sec
– Vacuum pumps 4.6 kg/sec with 0.2 bar

Operational Capacity

Reynolds Number:
Mach / Maximum Velocity: 85 m/s (Closed or slotted wall section; Open jet section: 70 m/s)
Maximum Mass Flow: 5 kg/s
Maximum Temperature & Preassure:
Duct Diameter / Test Section Dimensions: 9,1 m²;
(Closed or slotted wall test section: 3.25 m x 2.8 m x 8.0 m) (Open jet section: 3.25 m x 2.8 m x 6 m).
Model support
– Full-models, half-models and 2D airfoil models
– Dynamic supports: Rotary motion support for coning and spinning motion as well as Model Positioning Mechanism (MPM) or maneuver simulation
– Fixed ground plane with scoop for automotive tests
– Moving belt for automotive tests

Contact Information
Brunswick (Germany)