Helicopter Eurocopter EC135 (belongs to ACT_FHS Experimentals incl. Ground Station)


Research Helicopter

Main technical characteristics

Type of flight vehicle Helicopter
Main features Flying Testbed for Helicopter Hardware and Software Modifications. (A really flying machine!) -> Flying Helicopter Simulator equipped with an Active Control Technology (ACT/FHS) – here: the Eurocopter EC135 helicopter itself.
Control system Fly-by-light flight controls free configurable (experimental flight controls). Testplatform for research with HMD’s, side-sticks and avionic-systems.
Full authority, quadruplex fly-by-wire/light control system with smart actuators and a simplex experimental system. It completely replaces the original flight control system and provides a high degree of flexibility.
Maximum altitude ?
Measurement instruments5 State of the Art Flight Test Instrumentation Techniques
Comment F / T Flying Helicopter Simulator (here: the flying helicopter itself)

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