M2VP Multistage Two Shaft Compressor Test Facility


Fan and multi stage compressor test rig: Multistage Two Shaft Compressor Test Facility

Main technical characteristics

Maximum rotating speed 20000 rpm
Maximum pressure 70 – 100 kPa (Inlet throttle to reduce the pressure level)
Maximum massflow rate, air/fuel-ratio 185 kg/s
Maximum temperatures 600 K (compressor outlet temperature)
Measurement instruments2 Pressure, temperature, rotating speed
Unsteady: pressure, temperature, strain gauges, tip clearance
Optical: PIV, L2F, DGV, Hot wire
Acoustic equipment
Available test vehicles:
• 4-stage transonic axial compressor (Rig250);
• Fan-stage (rotor-stator) for high bypass engines (DLR-UHNR-rig);
• counter rotating fan stage (CRISP)
PropComb Open circuit
One shaft operation 10MW
Operation combined Low and high pressure compressors, two shafts each with 5MW
Operation counter rotating fans and compressors
Operation with additional fan for fan stages with low pressure ratio

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