Vertical wind tunnel, initially designed for A/C spin tests, now mainly devoted to rotary tests in large AoA domain, and specific model free flight tests.

Main technical characteristics

Reynolds number: 3.5e+6 per meter
Mach number or maximum velocity : 0.15 or 50m/s
Stagnation pressure: atmospheric
Stagnation temperature: ambient
Duct diameter/ test section dimensions (diameter or height/ width) : circular, dia. 4m
Rig1: Rotary balance (steady / oscillatory) coning tests, max rotation rate 600deg/s;
Rig2: Active Suspension “SACSO”, 9 wires model mounting, full 6-DOF motions, hybrid control in position/force, AOA range <25deg.
Measurement instruments: force/torque (6 components balance), pressures, inertial. Optical: tomography, PIV

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