Turbo Engine Test Center (TETC)


The Turbojet Engine Test Centre is a specially designed and modern facility, dedicated exclusively to the activity of testing engines in its double aspect of cooperating with companies for developing commercial engines, and participating in the R+D Framework programme of the European Union for studying and developing new generation engines (higher power/efficiency ratios, and less contamination including acoustic contamination).
The Centre has carried out a study on the on the engine equipping the European fighter aircraft EF2000, and has tested engines of the biggest manufacturers such as General Electric (families CF34, CF6, CFM56 GE GE90) and Rolls Royce (families Trent 700, 800, 900 and XWB).
Nowadays the Centre is working with the industry in both Testing Operations and Research and Development activities within National and International programs.

Main technical characteristics

Maximum rotating speed –
Maximum pressure –
Maximum massflow rate, air/fuel-ratio 4000 Kg/s (Maximum air flow); Maximum fuel flow: 7.5 l/s at 4 bars;
Maximum temperatures –
Measurement instruments2 Data acquisition system (steady and transient parameters): 4000 channels
PropComb 14.5 x 14.5 m2 (Cross section); Length: 114 m
Maximum thrust: 650 KN

Operational Capacity

24 hours x 5 days (less than 5% of maintenance stoppage)

Contact Information
Torrejón de Ardoz (Spain)