Future Sky Safety

Future Sky Safety
Anthony Fokkerweg, Amsterdam, North Holland 1059 CM, Netherlands
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Future Sky Safety, established under coordination of EREA, is built on European safety priorities around four main themes, each consisting of a small set of Projects:
Theme 1 (New solutions for today’s accidents) aims for breakthrough research with the purpose of enabling a direct, specific, significant risk reduction in the medium term.
Theme 2 (Strengthening the capability to manage risk) conducts research on processes and technologies to enable the aviation system actors to achieve near-total control over the safety risk in the air transport system.
Theme 3 (Building ultra-resilient systems and operators) conducts research on the improvement of Systems and the Human Operator with the specific aim to improve safety performance under unanticipated circumstances.
Theme 4 (Building ultra-resilient vehicles) aims at reducing the effect of external hazards on the aerial vehicle integrity, as well as improving the safety of the cabin environment.