Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation (Łukasiewicz – ILOT) is one of the oldest research establishments in Europe, officially registered in 1926, although its roots go back to 1918. For 95 years of its activity the scientists and engineers employed in Łukasiewicz – ILOT have contributed remarkably to the development of Polish economy and defence. Before the Second World War, all Polish aircrafts were constructed or tested in the Institute.

At present, over 1300 engineers, scientists and researchers are employed by the Institute with 900 of them below 30 years old.

The main fields of Łukasiewicz – ILOT’s activity are aviation, space, unmanned, energy, oil and gas, remote sensing, material, additive and military technologies.

The Institute closely cooperates with the world’s tycoons of the aviation industry and institutions from the space industry such as: General Electric, Airbus, Pratt&Whitney and European Space Agency.

In April 2019, the Institute became a part of the Łukasiewicz Research Network, a governmental project associating Polish research institutes. It is the 3rd largest network in Europe employs a total of 8 000 employees in 11 cities located throughout Poland. Łukasiewicz consists of 32 institutes that provide attractive, complete and competitive business solutions in the areas of: clean and intelligent mobility, sustainable economy and energy, digital transformation and health.

Łukasiewicz – ILOT is a member of the national and international research organizations. Since 2005, the Institute has been a partner in AERONET – Aviation Valley project. The group, that comprised of several well-positioned research units. In April 2008, Łukasiewicz – ILOT became a member of EREA. In June 2010, an international organization International Forum for Aviation Research (IFAR) was called into being in Germany. The Institute representing Poland, played an important role in its establishment, becoming one of its founders.

The Institute is a partner of numerous universities, research institutes, research centers and industrial labs in Europe and the United States.

The Institute consists of 7 research centers:

Aviation Technologies Center conducts research and development activities related to innovative technologies in the field of aviation, including design and analysis as well as laboratory tests. The research infrastructure is one of world’s most advanced in the field of applied aerodynamics. It is a leading design and research center of aviation structures.

Main offer:

  • Experimental and numerical aerodynamic research
  • Metal and composite aviation structures design
  • Avionic equipment design and testing
  • Aircraft engine components design
  • Research and advanced propulsion (BLI, RDE)
  • Aircraft design
  • Aircraft certification process support
  • Air transport systems research and development
  • Hybrid propulsion systems design

Materials and Structures Research Center implements the latest technologies in strength testing of materials and sub-assemblies of aircraft engines as well as other structures operating under heavy mechanical loads at a broad range of temperatures. The center is one of the global leaders in strength testing.

Main offer:

  • Mechnical tests
  • Vibroacoustic tests
  • Static, fatigue and dynamic tests
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Structural component tests
  • Stress measurements with diffraction methods
  • Impact tests
  • Design and tests of landing gear, wheel and brake systems

Space Technologies Center offers advanced solutions in the field of space technologies and remote sensing. The engineering staff has extensive experience in European space programmes. The center provides remote sensing services for modern agriculture, forestry as well as for the purposes of environmental protection and the development of smart cities.

Main offer:

  • Development of satellite and rocket systems, including propulsion
  • Suborbital flights and microgravity research
  • IT solutions for remote sensing and space technologies
  • Development of rocket avionics systems
  • Development of propulsive deorbitation modules
  • Development of chemical propellants
  • Development of optoelectronic and mechatronic tools

Composite Technologies Center  provides technological solutions and implement comprehensive research programs in the field of high-strength composite materials. The center has a certified composite testing laboratory and advanced equipment for the production of composite structures detention of defects and analysing its progression in composite materials by ultrasonic and visual NDT methods.

Main offer:

  • Qualification tests for composite materials
  • Composite parts manufacturing technologies
  • Stress analysis
  • Thermoplastic composite technologies
  • Composite structures design
  • Non destructive testing

Unmanned Technologies Center conducts R&D activities in the field of unmanned technologies for user-defined applications. Teams of engineers create advanced UAV software based on machine vision. Their engineering experience  covers planning and implementing test flights and integrating avionics systems, both on a domestic and global market. The center designs precision mechanics and electronics dedicated to UAV.

Main offer:

  • Development of UAV control systems and UAV design
  • Electronic and mechanical systems for UAV
  • Integration with UTM/ATM systems
  • Development of anti-drone systems
  • Integration of on-board avionics systems
  • Development of machine vision and real-time software

Engineering Design Center operates on the basis of the strategic alliance of the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation with General Electric. The center offers expertise and research and development services in the field of aircraft engine components, other aircraft structure installations, on-board systems and software. It also provides services for the energy market in the field of gas and renewable energy.

Energy Services Center provides engineering services in the area of ​​analysis and construction as well as research and development work for corporate clients under long-term cooperation agreements in the design and service of gas turbines, compressors and their control systems, oil and gas extraction equipment, as well as optimization of the life cycle of locomotives.

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