INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technology ‐, founded in 1942, is a public research organization attached to the Spanish Ministry of Defence.  Its research and development activities support more than a hundred projects within the aerospace field and constitute a fundamental factor in the attainment and evolution of technological capabilities.

INTA activities on research aim beyond the scope of military applications and, through new developments and applications, benefit the most varied areas of activity such as, in our case, a safer and more reliable air transport. Currently, INTA personnel, selected among technologists and researchers of the highest level within their areas of competence, have the support of major infrastructures in the way of installations, facilities and laboratories for research, development, measurement and testing.  All of them, pioneers in Europe, are frequently utilized by national and international organizations.


INTA carries through its research activities in a highly cooperative environment, works in collaboration with other partners in many international programs and, more specifically, European Union scientific research and development programs; participating also in most international aeronautics and space fora. This internationalization of activities is one of the most significant features of INTA.

Summarizing INTA’s profile in figures: human resources working in INTA and its associated sites add up to over 1600 people.  INTA’s facilities operate at several locations in Spain, each one with a defined purpose:  INTA central site where most of INTA research, development and innovation activities are carried through; several Space Communications Centres for control and tracking of NASA and ESA space vehicles; Aircraft Flight Test ranges for aircraft, RPAS, weapon systems, scientific rockets, atmospheric research, systems certification…among others

Main technology areas developed in INTA and their budget shares are the following: Aeronautics (40%), Space Technology (46%), Energy, Environmental Science, Automobile Safety and others (14%).  In all these areas of expertise, INTA offers technical “know‐how” and services both to Public Organizations and to Industries.  INTA’s activities include research and testing on: turbojet engines, metallic and non-metallic materials, structural testing, in‐flight tests for aircraft systems and scientific research, airworthiness and aircraft certification – field in which INTA is Military Airworthiness Authority Representative for the Spanish Ministry of Defence-, research and development of RPAS, electronic equipment research and testing, research on electromagnetic compatibility, environmental testing, development of drone targets, research and testing on fuels & lubricants, fluid dynamics, aerodynamic testing, propulsion, radiofrequency- digital and analogue, hardware and design of control software, guidance and control, atmospheric research and instrumentation design.

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