About us

Czech Aerospace Research Centre (VZLU) is a national centre for aerospace research, development and testing. Its mission is to provide scientific support and bring innovative solutions for the industry. The Institute was founded in 1922 and since then has been involved in all major projects in Czechoslovakia and later in the Czech Republic.


Our mission in VZLU is to bring smart solutions for developing the aerospace ecosystem. Our focus lies in areas with high added value, as solutions for industry 4.0, new space and reduction of the ecological footprints. We are focused on solutions that are ready to be used by the industry. Our facilities are capable to provide broad range of tests for both space and  aviation industry.

Research & Development areas:

Advanced composite materials and technologies

Composite materials are undoubtedly the future of the aerospace. At VZLU we focus on the research of advanced additive technology methods as well as processes meeting the requirements of industry 4.0.

Smart and reliable aircraft structures

For nearly 100 years, we are constantly pushing the limits of the aircraft constructions. As a leader in the central Europe region, we are focusing on material, technological and construction solutions of primary aircraft structures.

Aeromechanics and the 21. century means of transport

Aeromechanics is one of the oldest aerospace disciplines. However, at VZLU we believe that small details and adjustments can make play important role in decreasing consumption while bringing cost effective solutions.

Technologies for modern turbine engines

Throughout more than 50 years of experience with R&D of turbine engines, we keep close relations with main players acting in the field of the engine development. As our R&D task, we focus on targets with lower technological readiness but with high ambitions for applicable industrial solutions.

Advanced coatings

Ecological solutions in compliance with the REACH as well as poly component coatings of the new generation ready to be used by the industry are one of our main research goals.

Space technologies

Space technologies are the main and the most advanced techno-scientific priority of the VZLU. From the satellite´s family VZLUSAT, through the work for ESA´s satellite missions to our own air breathing ion engine, we understand our position in the new space program while developing the complex solutions for the VLEO satellites.

Technologies for effective power engineering

Flowing is part of the aerospace ecosystem no matter if it is on the ground or in the air. Our experience privilege us in designing cost effective, efficient and ecologically friendly power solutions that are benefiting from our unique knowledge
Location of the Institute: Prague, Czech Republic (Beranovych 130, 199 05 Praha – Letnany).

Contact: Tel: +420 225 115 222
E-mail: info@vzlu.cz

For more information, please visit our website: http://www.vzlu.cz