Air Traffic Control simulation environment


The versatile NLR Air Traffic Control simulation environment offers capabilities to develop, visualize and validate (new) operational concepts and procedures. This can be done at individual controller level (e.g. working position), airport level (e.g. remote tower) or even at air space level (single European Sky) with human-in-the-loop features.

The high fidelity simulation set-up allows for qualitative and quantitative safety assessments and training applications for Air Traffic Controllers.

Main technical characteristics

The ATC simulator is developed fully in-house with a focus on modularity and configuration and is based on COTS hardware.

Its features are:
Visualization of any airport using 360 * 40 degrees projection, five air traffic controller positions each with three TFT screens and 21-inch pen tablets.
Supervisor, departure clearance or snow desk positions can be added.
Realistic weather conditions, such as poor visibility, snow, rain, and day and night.
Integration of third party systems whilst maintaining scalability and performance
A-SMGCS, datalink operations.
Facilities for analysis of traffic flows and their impact on the environment (fast-time simulators TAAM and AirTOp).

Contact Information
Amsterdam (Netherlands)