Subsonic Wind Tunnel


The subsonic wind tunnel is a non-pressurized, closed circuit experimental installation which allows a wide range of tests for fluid mechanics or applied aerodynamics.

The characteristics of the tunnel are:

          Octagonal experimental chamber: 2.0 x 2.5 m

          Shrinkage ratio: 10: 1

          Maximum speed: 110 m / s

          Degree of turbulence: 1.11%

          Measuring system: external balance with 6 components

          Accuracy: 0.02% of scale on all components

Aeroacoustic tests can also be performed using an array of microphones that allows the detection of aerodynamic noise sources and characteristics.

The equipment balance is external pyramid type, allows the model to rotate by 180 degrees and allows the measurement of forces and moments (6 components). The pressure measuring capacity includes 4 x 48 gates for mechanical scanners, 1Psi translators and 4 x 16 gates digital channels (Scanivalve 1 PSI)

Operational Capacity

Six polars per day, depending on the model’s complexity

Contact Information

B-dul Iuliu Maniu no. 220, sect 6






Bucharest (Romania)