Subsonic Wind Tunnel


The tunnel has a closed circuit, that is not pressurized. Operation is continuous, enabled by a 1.2 MW electrical driven fan. Main instrumentation is a pyramidal balance measuring 6 components. Pressure scanners are available for model, wake and walls data collection.

Main technical characteristics

• Maximum speed : 110 m/s
• 2.5m x 2.0m x 4m test section
• Usual Reynolds number up to 1.5 million, depending on the model.

Force Measurements
Force and moment measurements (up to six components) are made using the external pyramidal type six – component balance built by the British company TEM .

The capacities of the balance are shown below:

Lift: – 200 Kgf to +700 Kgf
Drag: – 100 Kgf to +200 Kgf
Side force: – 200 Kgf to +200 Kgf
Pitching moment: – 110 Kgfm to +110 Kgfm
Rolling moment: – 110 Kgfm to +110 Kgfm
Yawing moment: -110 Kgfm to + 110 Kgfm

Operational Capacity

Six polars per day, depending on the model’s complexity

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