Aircraft Dornier Do 728 Cabin


Research Aircraft (for cabin tests at the ground only)

Main technical characteristics

Type of flight vehicle Fixed Wing Aircraft (for cabin tests at the ground only)
Main features Cabin, single-aisle, 16.9m x 3.25m x 2.15 m (L x W x H), 14 seat rows with 5 seats each
Control system –
Maximum altitude –
Measurement instruments5 70 thermal passenger dummies,
Particle Image Velocimetry PIV (several systems, including stereoscopic and large scale options),
local temperature probes,
humidity sensors,
omnidirectional hot-film and thermistor probes for velocity and temperature measurements,
infrared thermography.
Comment F / T Ventilation systems,
External HVAC-System with controlled volume flow rate, temperature and humidity,
Panel audio system for realistic simulation of aircraft cabin noise,
Computer controlled LED system for enabling advanced illumination scenarios

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