Next Generation Turbine Test Facility NG-Turb


Continuous running turbine facility (closed circuit); Transonic flow (flow medium air)

Main technical characteristics

Maximum rotating speed –
Maximum pressure 200 kPa (Total inlet pressure ≈ 10 – 200 kPa);
Maximum turbine pressure ratio ≈ 10 – 12
Maximum massflow rate, air/fuel-ratio –
Maximum temperatures 520 K (Total inlet temperature ≈ 300 – 500)
Measurement instruments2 Standard techniques (pneumatic probes, steady and unsteady pressures, thermocouples, etc.);
Laser measurement techniques (Laser-2-Focus Velocimetry, Particle Image Velocimetry, Doppler Global Velocimetry, Transient Grating Spectroscopy, Filtered Rayleigh Scattering, Light sheet techniques for detection of coolant concentration, etc.);
Steady and unsteady surface pressures with Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP);
Heat transfer and cooling effectiveness with infrared image cameras or Temperature Sensitive Paint (TSP);
Accustic measurement techniques (microphone arrays);
PropComb Reynolds number ≤ 1,000,000
Maximum turbine casing radius 450 mm

First stage of extension (one shaft configuration):
Number of turbine stages ≤ 2½
Turbine shaft power ≤ 1 MW
Turbine speed ≤ ±13,000 rpm

Future expansion (two shaft configuration):
Number of turbine stages (HPT shaft) ≤ 2
Number of turbine stages (IPT/LPT shaft) 1½
Turbine shaft power (HPT shaft) ≤ 3 MW
Turbine shaft power (IPT/LPT shaft) ≤ 1 MW
Turbine speed (HPT shaft) ≤ ±15,000 rpm
Turbine speed (IPT/LPT shaft) ≤ ±13,000 rpm

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