Battery Testing Lab


AIT researchers at the Battery Test Laboratory are specialized in both performance validation and safety tests. A variety of tests is carried out – from electrical, through calendar and cycle ageing (from cells to system) up to safety and customized tests. Testing of integrated in-cell and on-cell sensors for continuous in-operando monitoring, including computation of State-of-Health for enhanced safety in aeronautic relevant scenarios are included.

Main technical characteristics

These tests are performed in our Battery Testing Lab:

  • Ageing tests & models
    • calendar & cycle ageing
    • thermoelectrical simulation
  • Real driving profiles
  • Safety & abuse tests:
    • thermal
    • mechanical
    • electrical
    • gas analysis (optional)
  • Post-mortem analyses
    • cell disassembly
    • physic-chemical characterization
Contact Information

Kristijan Rajinovic

Electric Vehicle Technologies

Center for Low-Emission Transport

+43(0) 50550-6048

Ranshofen (Austria)