NADCAP accredited Composite Testing Laboratory dedicated for composie material qualification and element level testing. The scope of activities covers full characterization of composite materials including chemical, physico – chemical and mechanical testing .

Main technical characteristics

Test Frame Instron ElectroPuls E3000 with loading range 2,1 kN (static load) and 3kN (dynamic load)
Test frames MTS 322 and MTS 370 with max. loading range 100kN and 250kN equipped with environmental test chambers (temperature range from -130˚C to 315˚C), Vishay 7000 strain measuremet system, extensomters and digital Image corrolation system.
Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA), temperature range from -160˚C to 600˚C
Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), temperature range from -90˚C to 550˚C
Spectroscopy (FTIR)
Thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA), max temperature 1200˚C

Operational Capacity

Static and Fatigue mechanical testing
Composite materials qualification
Capabilities for raw material, lamina, laminate, adhesive, core materials, sandwich structures characterization
Damage tolerance assessment
Element level testing of mechanical and bonded joints
Custom test fixture design and manufacturing
Testing of composite design details

Contact Information

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation
al. Krakowska 110/114
02-256 Warsaw, Poland
central: (+48) 22 846 00 11
fax: (+48) 22 846 44 32
e-mail: ilot[at]

KRS 0000862006, NIP 1070046338, PL 1070046338, Regon: 387193275
90 1240 6247 1111 0000 4977 2760

Directions to the bus stop “Instytut Lotnictwa”
by tram: 7, 9, 15
by bus: 141, 154, 317, N38, N88

Warsaw (Poland)