Scheda Laboratorio / Impianto: DACM - Methodologies and Measurement Techniques for High Temperature Space Application


The measurement techniques for Combustion, Aerothermodynamics, Thermo-structural and NDE laboratory is the CIRA unit that deals with both the development of novel measurement methods for aerospace applications and the use of standard measurement techniques, including the measurements in the small and large space facilities (SCIROCCO, GHIBLI, HyProb, etc) and providing supports to internal and external projects in the field of the advanced diagnostic methodologies.

The laboratory is able to design, implement, qualify and integrate innovative and unconventional measurement systems for specific theoretical and experimental objectives as well as it is able to support specific diagnostic needs dedicated to the wind tunnel test articles and experimental flying vehicles and payloads. The laboratory is also able to carry out the characterization and analysis of materials and coatings used in the aerospace field. In addition to the experimental capabilities, the expertise and competences are also devoted to the numerical-experimental correlation in order to validate the results and/or the physical models and measure derived quantities.

In particular, our interest is actually focused on novel (Nuclear, Optical, Spectroscopic, Thermographic) methodological diagnostic for the aerospace applications for the characterizations of Gas and Materials, and for the study, analysis and verification of physical and chemical models:

  • Ion beam Analysis and Nuclear Techniques (Radioactive Ion (7Be) – gamma emitters) for the material recession rate determination and components on large facility.
  • Spectroscopic techniques (Spontaneous Emission (Visible and Ultraviolet), Laser Induced emission (LIF)) for the measurement of temperatures and concentrations of atomic and molecular gaseous species.
  • Diagnostic techniques for IR Thermal imaging (Single and Dual Color), and emissivity materials analysis.
  • Non-Destructive Inspection by Infrared Thermography;
  • No contact techniques for thermal properties measuring;
  • Optical techniques for displacement and deformation measuring.

In addition, new methodologies are under development and ready to be acquired.

Main technical characteristics

Lasers, Thermocameras, Ultrasound systems, Spectrographs, Calibration sources, Optical components:

  • High Resolution Spontaneous Emission Spectroscopy
  • Laser Induced Fluorescence – LIF
  • Single- and Dual-Color Thermography
  • Implantation and detection of 7Be
  • CARS and DLAS spectroscopy
  • VUV – Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
  • Measurements and characterization of high-temperature emissivity of materials
  • Measures in flame: Planar LIF and High Speed Camera Imaging
  • Non-destructive controls by ultrasound and DIC – Digital Image Correlation
  • Fiber Optic Sensors
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