The tests are performed on creep machines, which uniaxial tension of the specimen is obtained by gravity using calibrated weights hanged on the creep frame arm.

Main technical characteristics

Laboratory capabilities:
36 test stands (creep frames) which enable the conduct three types of tests: with deformation registration, with registration of the time to break, performing LCF fatigue tests on 14 positions using elevators.
Test temperature up to 1100°C realized by “”S”” type thermocouples
Tensile force up to 50kN.
Registration of specimen deformation using high-temperature extensometers.
Supervision and registration of tests by computer system in a real time.
Creep tests performed in accordance with ASTM E139, E292 and ISO 204.

Operational Capacity

Due to the long testing time, the creep laboratory is equipped with a UPS voltage backup system and air-conditioned rooms with temperature and air humidity registration.

Certificate of accreditation according to PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 – number AB 792.
Certificate of qualification according S-400 specification – issued by GE Aviation.
Pratt & Whitney mechanical test certification.

Contact Information

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