DNW-KKK (Cryogenic wind tunnel)


Continuous low-speed wind tunnel, closed circuit, with a closed wall test section. Operation either at ambient temperature or cooled down by injection of liquid nitrogen.

Main technical characteristics

Low-speed wind tunnel (Typical tests

– 2D airfoil tests with high-lift and flow control devices (flaps, slats, vortex generators,

trailing edge devices)

– Wind rotor blades

– Half-model tests of transport aircraft in high-lift configurations

– Surface vehicles (trains, trucks)

– Probe calibration, function and reliability tests)

• Reynolds no. maximum in [10^6 m/m]: 10.
• Sword with integrated roll support
• Half-model and surface vehicle support with under-floor balance
• Half-model support with tangential blowing at synchronized turntables
• Ground Vehicle Testing: For the aerodynamic analysis and design of ground
vehicles like cars, trucks and trains Reynolds number effects can be significant.
• Automobile models at 1:5 scale can be tested at the original Reynolds number.
Trains are tested on the half model support; the scale is normally restricted to 1:20, in order to fit the model to the tunnel lift system and to allow reasonable angles of sideslip

Operational Capacity

Reynolds Number: 9.500.000 (Re0.1 √(S))
Mach / Maximum Velocity: 0,38
Maximum Temperature & Preassure: 27 °C (300 K; or cooled down by injection of liquid nitrogen)
Duct Diameter / Test Section Dimensions: 5,7 m2 (2,4 m x 2,4 m closed-wall test section)

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