DNW-LST: Low Speed wind Tunnel


Continuous, atmospheric, low-speed wind tunnel with exchangeable test sections. 3.0 m x 2.25 m with turntables in top and bottom wall for 2D testing
3.0 m x 2.25 m with overhead balance for 3D testing
Speed range: 0 < V < 80 m/s

Main technical characteristics

• Reynolds no. maximum in [10^6 m/m]: 1.4
• Two- and three-dimensional model testing
• Ground effect simulation
• Dynamic measurements like vibrations or unsteady pressures
• Turbofan propulsion simulators (TPS) and turbine air motors for propellers
• Engine simulation
• Propeller testing
• Environmental tests mainly on models of ships, trucks and building structures
• Air exhaust simulation with compressed air
• Air intake surveys
• Compressed air supply with a capacity of 5 kg/s continuously at 80 bar
• Remotely controlled y-z traversing system
• Vacuum system
• Ground board for simulation of ground effects
• Tangential blowing for test section boundary layer re-energizing

Operational Capacity

8 hours (single shift), 5 days

Contact Information
Noordoostpolder (Netherlands)