The electric motor dynamometer allows you to perform the following tests:
Create the efficiency map of electric motors. Efficiency map – chart showing what is the component efficiency depending on its speed and load
Create the efficiency map of electric inverters
Create the efficiency map of combined electric drive (electric motor + inverter)
Test of the electric motor/inverter cooling systems

Main technical characteristics

Mechanical specification of the electric motors that can currently be tested:
Torque meter 1: max torque 100 Nm, max speed 12 000 rpm, max mechanical power 125.67 kW.
Torque meter 2: max torque 500 Nm, max speed 7 000 rpm, max mechanical power 366.5 kW.
Future torque meter option: max 1000 Nm, max speed 7 000 rpm, max mechanical power 650 kW.
Approximate maximum motor dimensions: a cylinder 52 cm long and 32 cm in diameter (the engine mount and frame can be modified for larger motors).

Electrical specification of the electric motors that our inverters can support:
Inverter 1: rated current 200 A, peak 400 A (60sec), max supply voltage 700 VDC.
Inverter 2: rated current 700 A, peak 800 A (60sec), max supply voltage 450 VDC.

The stand is equipped with a battery simulator with the following main specification:
Simulator power supply 3×400 VAC, continuous power 80 kW, instantaneous 120 kW (60 sec), regulated output voltage 24-800VDC, rated current +/- (bidirectional) 267 A, peak current +/- (bidirectional) 400 A, the ability of quick prototyping the required energy storage capacity and conducting long-term DC tests.

Liquid cooling of motors/inverters:
Water cooler 1 – max heat capacity 5 kW.
Water cooler 2 – max heat capacity 10 kW.

Operational Capacity

The stand may be used to test hybrid propulsions for aviation applications (in combination with piston engine dynamometer) with up to 200 kW total power (with future option of extending to 600 kW).

Contact Information

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