INTA’s facilities for evaluation of materials for aeronautic icing applications


INTA’s icing wind tunnel is an open loop facility, which allows to simulate characteristic conditions of atmospheric icing (App. C and App. O), specialized in the icing in cloud to evaluate ice protection systems, study of ice accretion shapes, validation of ice sensors, thermographic studies among other applications.

The technical data are:

  • Wind speed: 25-70 m/s.
  • Temperature: RT or -20ºC to 5ºC.
  • Liquid water content (LWC): 0,1 – 2 g/m3.
  • Medium volume diameter (MVD): 10-150 μ Supercooled droplets.
  • Test section area: 225 cm2.
  • Test samples: flat samples, rods, aerodynamic profiles, and any possible geometry bellow the blockage


Centrifuge ice adhesion test (CIAT)

Centrifuge ice adhesion test in cold chamber:

  • Rotary acceleration: 300 rps
  • Testing temperature: RT or -20ºC to 5ºC
  • Type of ice: by impact and in mold

Contact Information

Paloma García Gallego

Metallic Materials Area


+34 915 876 668

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Torrejón de Ardoz (Spain)