The stand may be used to test of disturbed flow at the fan inlet (compressors with low static pressure) on its efficiency, mechanical properties, vibrations, and stable stall margin). The stand has been designed so enable the input of virtually any disturbance at the inlet, axisymmetric and nonaxisymmetric alike.

Main technical characteristics

5-hole pressure probes with a thermocouple (mounted on a rotating measuring ring) for measuring the flow velocity and inflow stream direction.
Hot-wire thermoanemometric probes (constant temperature probes – CTA) mounted on a sliding measuring ring.
High accuracy temperature sensors (can be mounted on a sliding measuring ring).
Static pressure ports and static pressure scanners capable of measuring at 40 points.
Piezoelectric pressure sensors for detecting the start of rotor blade stall.
Environmental conditions monitoring station (humidity, ambient temperature).
Fully automated traverse ring for 360-degree rotation and radial insertion of 4 different probes in the flow the ring can be fitted to any flow station (inlet, before disturbance screen, before rotor, between rotor and stator and after stator).
Instrumentation for real-time measurement of blade tip timing/blade tip clearance (BTT/BTC). Instrumentation based on laser probes (light probe type)

Operational Capacity

The test stand is vertical (the axis of rotation is perpendicular to the ground). The height of the test stand is ca. 5 m. It consists of an inlet lemniscate followed by an inlet duct. The single-stage fan is driven by an electric motor. Behind the fan section, there is an exhaust duct closed with a throttling cone, which enables mass airflow regulation. The desired speed profile is obtained with a variable porosity distortion screen. The fan stator was 3D-printed and can be easily replaced with another (e.g. non-axisymmetric)

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