The T-3 low-speed wind tunnel with closed circulation, continuous-flow, open-ended measuring zone with a diameter of 5 meters and 6.5 meters length. Dimensions, motor power (5.6 MW) and air speed (100 m/s) allow to rank the T-3 tunnel among the world’s leading low-speed wind tunnels.
In addition, the T-3 wind tunnel is equipped with an innovative secondary flow system with
diameters of SF400, SF150, SF80, SF50 allowing to obtain additional air flow with a maximum
mass flow rate of 45 kg/s, 6kg/s, 2 kg/s, 1kg/s respectively and Underpressure Installation.
The SF80 and SF50 installations also allow the working medium temperature to be increased to 270°C. Unique installations allow internal flow testing of aircraft engine components or their models under simulated take-off and landing conditions with elevated outlet gas temperatures

Main technical characteristics

Diameter – 5m
Length – 6,5m
Test gas – air
Maximum speed of working medium – 100m/s
SF400 max flow rate – 45kg/s
SF150 max flow rate – 6kg/s
SPF80 max flow rate – 2kg/s
SPF50 max flow rate – 1kg/s
SPF80, SF50 max air flow temperature – controlled up tu 270 C
Maximum underpressure instalation rate of IPP – up to 3kg/s

Operational Capacity

Aircraft models with wingspan up to 4 m.
Non-streamline objects up to 3 m in height.
Objects with a cross-section (perpendicular to the flow direction) of up to 2.5 m².
Rotor models up to 3 m diameter

Contact Information

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