Trisonic Wind Tunnel


The facility blow-down type, pressurized.  The main functionality is the measurement of forces and moments with six component strain gage balances. Pressure instrumentation is available for the models, as well as a Schlieren vizualisation system. Mach number is in the range from 0.3 to 3.5. Maximum reynolds number is 100 Million for a reference length of 1m.

Main technical characteristics

Supersonic Wind Tunnel

• blowdown type

• 1.2m x 1.2m test sections (3D)

• Mach number range : 0.1 … 3.5

• Reynolds number up to 100 millions/m

• Max test run duration : 90 sec.

• Max pressure : 12 bar (settling chamber)

• Interchangeable porous transonic test section

• Variable porosity from 0.01% up to 9%

• Interchangeable 3D/2D 0.48m x 1.2m test section

• Active model/combustion capability


• Sting mounted, internal balance

• TASK & TEM equipment

• home made systems

• Side-wall, half model balance

• Pressure measurements

♦ Digital scanning systems : 2×128 ports

♦ Dynamic pressure systems : 64 kulites

• Mach control system

• CTS system (closed loop)

• 800 mm schlieren system

• PIV under development

• IR camera

• ultra fast digital camera

Operational Capacity

Up to six polars per day, depending on the regimes/air consumption and model complexity.

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