Mach 3.5 Supersonic Wind Tunnel S-4


The Mach 3.5 blow-down wind tunnel S-4 has an 8 cm x 10 cm test section. Air is supplied at stagnation pressures from 3 to 18 bar and a supersonic ejector can be used to decrease the exhaust pressure downstream of a variable geometry diffuser. A typical unit Reynolds number for the S-4 is 5 x 107/m.

Depending on the stagnation pressure, the facility can achieve test times from 8 to 25 minutes. Model incidence can be adjusted in the range -10° to +10°, and models can be injected rapidly into the air-stream when required.
The tunnel is equipped with shadow and schlieren systems. Instrumentation includes scani-valves for pressure measurements and three-component strain gauge balances.

Main technical characteristics

• Blow down supersonic wind tunnel
• Reservoir pressure from 0.3MPa to 1.8MPa
• Reservoir temperature of 300K
• Mach 3.5 contoured nozzle
• Test section 8 cm x 10 cm
• Reynolds number up to 50 millions/m
• Test times up to 25 min

Operational Capacity

• Incidence adjustment from -10° to 10°
• 3-components balances
• Flow visualization techniques (Shadowgraph/Schlieren) coupled with a high-speed camera.

Contact Information

Guillaume Grossir – Research Engineer