Shock Tube / Ludwieg Tube


Shock Tube / Ludwieg is an experimental installation with intermittent operation, used mainly in aero-gas-dynamics but also in the dynamics of rarefied gases, combustion (detonation waves, supersonic combustion), gas physics, solids mechanics, etc.


The subassemblies that compose it allow its operation in:
– shock tube mode (subsonic, transonic, supersonic)
– Ludwieg tube regime (transonic, supersonic)
Specific parameters of the installation:
– Length = 170 m max.
– Diameter = 0.9 m
– Maximum static charge pressure = 20 atm
– Minimum vacuum = 10 torr absolute pressure.

This installation allows the measurement of forces, moments and pressures in a limited number of points. Measurements can be made using different models (planes, missiles, etc.), you can make views of aerodynamic phenomena. Shock strength tests of various intensities, material stampings and mechanical shock deformations can also be performed.

Contact Information

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Bucharest (Romania)