Mobile Ground and Flight Vibration Test


Vibration Tests – Grounded and in-flight testing with online data analysis

Main technical characteristics

Type of structure test Vibration Test
Maximum specimen size from small scale wind tunnel models up to full scale passenger aircrafts like AIRBUS A380
Stimulus characteristics 30 electro dynamic shakers ranging from maximum forces of 20 N to 2200 N and a number of different modal impact hammers are available
Measurement instruments3 sensors such as accelerometers, displacement sensors, force sensors, strain gages, scanning laser vibrometers or temperature sensors; modal testing and analysis; ground, in-flight, in wind-tunnel etc.
StrucT The advantage of the facility is not only the immense extent of the equipment but also the specialized testing team which uses optimized processes (ISO 9000 certified) for vibration testing in the field of experimental modal analysis.
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