NLR-AWT: Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel


Closed circuit wind tunnel with an open jet surrounded by a 9x8x6 m3 anechoic room, completely covered with 0.5 m foam wedges yielding more than 99% absorption above 200 Hz. The NLR-AWT can also be equipped with a closed section in which speeds of 130 m/s (0.8×0.6 m2 test section) and 160 m/s (0.6×0.6m2 test section) can be reached with a low turbulence level (u’ < 0.05%).

Main technical characteristics

• Reynolds no. maximum in [10^6 m/m]: 0.5.
• The WT represents a 1:10 scaled version of the DNW-LLF.
• Acoustic measurements (microphones, unsteady pressure transducer)
• Pressure measurement; Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV); Hot Wire anemometry

Operational Capacity

8 hours (single shift), 5 days

Contact Information