Hypersonic blow-down low enthalpy wind tunnel
– expertise for launchers, rocket engines, missiles and re-entry vehicules (for low enthalpy conditions)
– all flow regimes: laminar/transitional/turbulent
– run duration: from 10 to 60 seconds

Main technical characteristics

Maximum Reynolds number (per meter) : 25 million (at Mach 7)
Mach number range : 5, 6, 7 (with three different nozzles)
Maximum stagnation temperature / pressure : 700 K / 60 bar
Circular test section dimensions (height / diameter / lenght) : 0.33m / 0.33m / 0.8m
Flow visualizations (continuous and spark schlieren); Classical measurements (force and moment by balance, probes, pressure taps); Field measurements (miniature multi-hole pressure probes, PIV, LDV); Surface heat transfer measurements (thermocouples, IR thermography, TSP)

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