Suitable for full and half model testing (typical full model span is 3.5 to 4.5 m)

Main technical characteristics

Reynolds number 10.000.000 (at M = 1,0)
Mach number or maximum velocity 0,05 – 1,0 (continuous)
Maximum mass flow ?
Maximum temperature/ pressure > 1 bar (atmospheric pressure; pressurized air capabilities for TPS or air turbines (propeller testing))
Duct diameter/ test section dimensions (diameter or height/ width) 38,5 – 47,0 m2 (several exchangeable test sections)
Measurement instruments steady and unsteady measurements, 6 component aerodynamic loads (balances), hinge moments, Model Deformation Measurement (MDM), Pressure sensitive paint (PSP), Infra-red, wall and sting interference effects, automated models, real time data processing, highly complex models, acoustic measurements; one test section suitable for acoustic measurement (low and high speed)
Maximum rotating speed

Contact Information
Modane (France)