Structural Testing Laboratory, as a part of Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation has extensive facilities for performing static and fatigue tests of components, sub-assemblies, and full-scale test articles. Extensive instrumentation is provided for load and deflection measurements, strain gauging, crack growth monitoring and data acquisition.


Main technical characteristics

Basic testing equipment:
Testing room with strong floor (40m x 10m).
Separate, noise reduced, hydraulic power supply system with flow capability of about 600 l per minute at working pressure of 210 bar.
Four load frames for static or durability tests of components (up to 450 kN range).
High-load electro-hydraulic test stand for simultaneous tension and torsion testing of jet engines’ shafts (or other axisymmetric objects).
Test controllers: 8 channels MTS FlexTest 60 Controller, 2 channels MTS FlexTest 40 Controller, Single channel MTS FlexTest & MTS 407 controllers.
Servohydraulic actuators.
Linear double and single sided, double acting servohydraulic actuators with built-in displacement transducers with the load ranges from 10 kN to 200 kN and strokes from 200 to 500 mm.
Load cells with signal conditioners with nominal ranges from 2 kN to 450 kN.
Displacement transducers with signal conditioners with ranges from 0.1 to 1000 mm (some of them are built into hydraulic actuators).
Data acquisition systems – measurement and recording of: Force, Displacement, Strain (using resistance strain gauges), Temperature (thermocouples), Number of measurement channels – 250.
Resistance furnaces and climatic chambers with controls for tests at elevated or low temperatures.

Measurement techniques:
Force measurement techniques.
Strain gauge technique.
Displacement measurement techniques.

Operational Capacity

Scope of testing:
The Structural Testing Laboratory is technically prepared to carry out complex tests of large mechanical structures for the aviation, machinery, automotive and other industries.

The laboratory offers testing services according to the Test Plan provided by the customer and comprehensive testing services including:
Development of a Test Plan: Test Stand design and manufacturing, Test setup, Test instrumentation, Test execution, Test data reduction and analysis, Post Test documentation.

Contact Information

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation
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