The N-3 Trisonic Wind Tunnel is in operation since 1965. The tunnel is a blow-down type
with partial recirculation of the flow and it can operate in three speed regimes i.e. sub-, peri- and supersonic (range of achievable Mach numbers Ma = 0,2-2,3). The tunnel is fed from two spherical tanks of compressed air with a total volume of 2880 m³ and a maximum pressure of 7 atm. Air is compressed by compressors with a total power of up to 2MW, properly cleaned and dried. The average operating time of the tunnel is:
– For supersonic Mach numbers about 3 minutes
– For transonic Mach numbers about 5 minutes.
– For subsonic Mach numbers M = 0.3-0.5 to several minutes.
The measurements are made in a measuring chamber with a cross-section of 0.6 x 0.6 m, which classifies the tunnel as the largest and fastest facility in Poland.

Main technical characteristics

Test section parameters-height x width – 0,6m x 0,6m
Test section parameters-length – 1,5m
Test gas – air
Velocity range – Ma = 0,2 – 2,3

Operational Capacity

Pressure and weight tunnel testing of aircraft models, measurement of their
aerodynamic characteristics and pressure distributions.
Measurement of aerodynamic loads on aircraft model components such as wings, horizontal and vertical stabilizers, control surfaces, suspensions, etc.
Measurement of hinge moment of the rudder components.
Tests on the limits of buffeting onset and intensity over a wide range of fl+A1:E4ow rates.
Visualization of flow with the following methods: picture anemometry (PIV), oil and Schlieren’s (monochrome and color).
Tunnel tests of aerodynamic characteristics of profiles.
Pressure transient measurements with oscillatory excitation system.

Contact Information

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