On the 15th of September, the EREA member ONERA (French Aerospace Lab) celebrated its 70th anniversary. On this occasion, the EREA Board met for an internal Strategy Seminar to exchange views on changing the boundary conditions and the consequences for the Association.

Picture: Participants to the EREA Internal Strategy Seminar (from left) J. Kaspar (VZLU/EREA Vice Chair), U. Möller (DLR, EREA Secretary), G. Kotrotsios (CSEM), F. Lau (CEIIA), C. Rodriguez-Augustin (INTA), M. Farioli (CIRA), A. Blom (FOI), B. Sainjon (ONERA/EREA Chair), W. Wisniowski (ILOT), D. Nouailhas (ONERA), R. Domanski (ILOT), A.-L. Delot (ONERA)

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