EREA along with its industrial and research partners representing European key industrial research and innovation stakeholders have published a Joint Declaration for “An Ambitious FP9 Strengthening Europe’s Industrial Leadership”.

The next EU R&I Framework Programme should be an ambitious framework programme built on Horizon 2020’s achievements. We strongly believe that this means:

• Increasing significantly the overall EU budget for research and innovation in FP9 within the current discussion on the Multiannual Financial Framework,

• Focusing on a well-balanced three-pillar structure, while allocating an equivalent share of the budget to each pillar,

• Strengthening the EU industrial leadership to guarantee sustainable application and implementation of European research,

• Continuing financial incentives in form of grants for all actors of the value chain, including small & large companies.


An Ambitious FP9 Strengthening Europe’s Industrial Leadership – Joint Declaration by Industry and RTOs


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