The Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE) brings together under the same umbrella all aeronautics and aviation stakeholders in Europe (academia, research establishments, industry, airlines, airports and ATM providers, other service providers, policy makers, etc.), providing a unique forum capable of producing a holistic vision for aviation in Europe. In addition, this forum allows institutional stakeholders, such as Eurocontrol, EASA and Member State representatives to contribute and thus create a complete and cohesive perspective for the European aviation sector.

The Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics (EREA) strongly supports the continuation of ACARE, recognizing ACARE as the relevant forum and voice for the aviation sector in the EU, with a track record of developing holistic visions and strategies very much needed at European level. ACARE is the only body bringing together all stakeholders with the overall expertise to produce a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for the entire aviation sector in Europe.

ACARE is essential for the European aviation sector, providing strategic advice on Research and Innovation and facilitating mutually beneficial international cooperation.

EREA recognizes the vital role ACARE has played since its beginning in 2001 in preparing the Vision, including the way to implement the vision through SRIAs. ACARE developed the latest “Fly the Green Deal” vision for aviation and would be in the best position to develop the roadmap to implement the vision. Once developed, the roadmap, similar to previous SRIAs, will also serve as a guiding document for EU countries developing their national roadmaps, and thereby strengthening synergies between EU and national programmes.

It is for these reasons that EREA strongly advocates for the continuation of ACARE and calls upon the community to do the same.


Prof. Antonio Blandini, Chairman of EREA