Composite Materials Prototyping


The mission of Composite Materials Prototyping Lab is to contribute to increase the competitiveness of products and manufacturing processes of the aerospace industry through R&D activities focused on the design and manufacturing of innovative structural systems in composite materials.
The R&D activities aim at constituting a national excellence center on design and production engineering of composite structure, particularly in the scale-up from concept phase up to the prototype level, through processes, techniques, methodologies and advanced tools for the integrated and automated manufacturing.

Main technical characteristics

Filament Winding Machine (CMC)

Ø max 0.8 m x L=3.6 m


10 spooling with controlled tension [7.50 N]

Control System: CMC1 Windows Based Machine Control

• Robotic Cell (KUKA)

Max arm lenght 1.6 m, max. load 45 kg

D.o.f.: 8

Fiber tension control and head-injection system

• Autoclave (IROP)

Ø 0.8 m x 1.2 m,

T=350 ºC, P=9,8 bar

Fluid air

• Two components Resin Injection System (VENUS EP03)

Injection ratio: 1.1 ¸ 8.1

Inject pressure: 2 – 5.5 atm

Contact Information

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Tel. +390823623111

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