Manufacturing Processes on Metallic Materials


The strategic objective of the “Manufacturing Processes on Metallic Materials” is to design, characterize and optimize innovative processes for the manufacturing of structural metallic components for aeronautical and space applications with the final target to reduce the manufacturing costs, time and scraps and obtaining more performant structures.

Main technical characteristics
  • ALM based on EBM (Electron Beam Melting) technology
    • Max Power: 3500 W;
    • Power density: 106 KW/cm2;
    • Vacuum environmental: 10-4 mBar;
    • Spot size 0.2-1.00 mm;
    • Built rate 55/80 cm3/h;
    • EB scan speed 8000m/s;
    • Roughness 25/35 micron;
    • Build envelope volume:
    • Specimen length [mm]: 200.0
    • Specimen width/dia [mm]: 200.0
    • Specimen height/thk [mm]: 380.0
    • Designed to process titanium alloys as well as materials that require elevated process temperatures.


  • Powder Recovery System (PRS)
    • Remove sintered powder from workpiece
    • Recovery powder (95%-98%)
    • Separate recycling powder from not recycling powder


  • Ultrasonic Cleaner BuoQua 30L


  • Powder characterization line
    • Particle size analyzer
    • Analytical balance
    • AS-300A Hall Flowmeter


  • Product characterization line
    • Micro-hardness tester dm2
    • Helium pycnometer
    • Precision balance
    • 3D scanner
      • Construct Digital 3D Model
      • Check Dimensional Accuracy
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