ONERA-ATD Cells (aerothermodynamics test benches)


Applied research testing on combustors, combustor components, single sector and injection system performances on tubular combustor (ignition limits, stability limits, pollutant emission measurements, etc…)

Main technical characteristics

Maximum rotating speed –
Maximum pressure 4 MPa (max.; min. pressure: 0.1 to 1 MPa)
Maximum massflow rate, air/fuel-ratio 4 kg/s (Maximum Air mass flow)
Maximum temperature 900 K
Measurement instruments dedicated to the bench: pressure, temperature, mass flow rate, gas analysis;
Specific meaurements: non intrusive optical measurement methods (LDV, PIV, PLIF, CARS)
PropComb Type of fuel : kerosen and propane C3H8 (1.7 MPa and biofuels with maximum pressure 8 MPa)

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